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Our Mission:

To promote golf and its life-enhancing values with an emphasis on teaching, preserving and protecting the history and traditions of the game in Iowa.

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Our General Objective:

The Corporation is organized and operated for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes and for the transaction of any and all lawful business for which corporations may be organized under the Revised Iowa Nonprofit Corporation Act.

The purposes for which the Corporation is formed shall include, but is not limited to:

1. To promote and advance the game of golf in Iowa as an amateur sport.

2. To develop and disseminate information to the public concerning the game of golf as an amateur and recreational sport.

3. To develop, maintain, and operate a museum, library, and hall of fame devoted to golf in Iowa, which will provide the public with an opportunity to better understand the history and development of the game of golf in the state and the people associated with it.

4. To offer golf instruction to youth, with an emphasis on disadvantaged youth.

5. To promote golf and its values, particularly to youth and families.

6. To offer and administer scholarship programs.

7. To perform and support scientific research concerning golf and golf related subjects including turfgrass, environmental practices and impact, and to make available to the public the results of such research.

8. To solicit and receive gifts, bequests, donations, contributions, and conveyances of real estate, stocks, securities, commodities, monies, property, and other gifts in furtherance of the purposes set forth.


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