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A Liaison Between the IGA and Your Golf Club

The Iowa Golf Association (IGA) Club Representative serves a vital role to both the IGA and their home club. The IGA “Club Rep” will represent the IGA in club affairs and represent the club in IGA affairs. The position exists to assist in the flow of information between the club, its members and the Association; therefore, it should be one of high visibility.

Here is a list of specific duties of the Club Representative:

  • Should be visible and available to the club membership to answer questions regarding the Iowa Golf Association.
  • Must be familiar with and support the IGA, its programs, policies, structure, function and goals. This information can be obtained from IGA literature and publications and through direct contact with Association staff and members of the IGA Board of Directors.
  • Determine the extent to which one’s club is participating and benefiting from IGA programs, club activities and general assistance. The Representative should actively recruit club members for participation and attendance in IGA Championships, seminars and other programs and activities.
  • Follow through on IGA mailings and other communications to ensure that the club considers participation in all programs, seminars and tournaments. Make sure that the club’s Board of Directors understands the IGA and its membership benefits.
  • Contact the IGA to voice suggestions regarding how the Association could better serve your club.
  • Serve as the sole club contact during the winter months.

The position of IGA Club Rep is designed to be one that is fun and rewarding. It will not create a burden or consume great amounts of time. It will give the opportunity to develop and enhance golf programs at the club level and to promote amateur golf in Iowa.

The following activities and actions are suggested to accomplish the duties of the IGA Club

IGA Literature and Communications

1. A bulletin board/information table should be set up near the pro shop, locker rooms or handicap posting area. The following information should be posted regularly:

  • USGA Pamphlets, brochures, and posters (safety, slow play, etc)
  • IGA pamphlets, brochures and posters (handicaps, course ratings, etc.)
  • Articles about IGA members and/or officials
  • IGA/USGA Tournament Entry Forms

2. Promote use of IGA publications and information sources

  • IGA Website
  • IGA Partners Program
  • IGA Yearbook
  • Handicap news and procedures
  • USGA Membership and information
  • Any other information pertinent to the IGA and Club affairs

IGA Liaison

The IGA Club Rep is the intermediary between the IGA and all members, employees and officials at the club level. The following channels of communication should be maintained and exercised:

1-Board Members - members of the club’s Board of Directors should always be kept abreast of IGA functions. Participation in IGA and USGA seminars and events should be encouraged. Assist when necessary, in presenting requests for hosting IGA Championships and/or qualifying events. Report back to the IGA with any relative information.

2-Arrange for staff and IGA board members to visit the club to be introduced to key employees and officials (Head Professional, Superintendent, Managers and Directors).

3-Always keep key employees and officials informed about upcoming seminars and tournaments, both verbally and in writing. Plan to attend IGA functions personally and promote club participation.

4-The IGA Club Rep should promote the IGA Partners Program.

5-The Club Rep should also promote the following:

  • Compliance with the USGA Handicap System at the club
  • Adherence to the Rules of Golf and proper marking of the golf course
  • Contributions to the Herman Sani Scholarship Fund

6-IGA officials are available to give presentations to the club’s membership and
staff on a variety of subjects. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • IGA services and programs
  • Rules of Golf
  • Handicapping

IGA Exposure

The Club Rep should attend as many club level organizational meetings as possible to ensure that the IGA is well represented and the club can take advantage of IGA programs.

Ideally, the IGA Club Rep should have a seat on the club’s golf committee or board of directors.

The IGA Club Rep should attend IGA training seminars to become educated in areas necessary to assist the IGA at tournaments conducted at or near their club. Duties may include, but are not limited to, starting, scoring, marshaling and rules with proper training and experience.

The Iowa Golf Association is currently an organization of over 130 clubs and courses statewide, and serves more than 17,000 individual members registered on the IGA/GHIN Handicap System Roster. As you can see from the preceding narrative, the IGA provides an infrastructure for amateur golf in the state of Iowa, and disseminates information and services essential to operating a truly complete golf club. It is imperative that the IGA Club Rep be committed to the interests of amateur golf and to facilitating the involvement of their club and its members in statewide and national tournaments, events and seminars. The IGA Club Rep will be a vital link in the information chain that starts with the individual golfer and ends with the IGA and USGA. The IGA Club Rep, by working with key employees and officials, can make a significant impact on the game of golf at their club and in all of Iowa.

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