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How to become a member in the IGA

You can become a Member through the Individual Member Program.  ALL IGA Member Clubs and only IGA Member Clubs participate in the Individual Member Program.  What is the Individual Member Program?  Participation in the IGA Individual Member Program is tracked through the golfers enrolled on the IGA Handicap Service (GHIN┬«).  Golfers enrolled in the Individual Member Program receive benefits such as championship eligibility, eligibility to compete in the handicap events, a subscription to Iowa Links email newsletter, a membership card, USGA Handicap Index┬«, handicap revisions by email, access to the International Golf Network (IGN), hole-in-one certificates, discounts on Principal Charity Classic tickets and much more.

You must sign up through an IGA Member Club to become an Individual Member of the IGA.  According to the USGA, a golf club is categorized as one of three types.

Type 1: The members of a Type 1 club are located at a single specific golf course with a valid USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating where a majority of the club's events are played and where the club's scoring records reside

Type 2: The members of a Type 2 club are affiliated, or known to one another, via a business, fraternal, ethnic, or social organization. The majority of the club members had an affiliation prior to organizing the club.  This type of club is not necessarily 'housed' at a golf course.

Type 3: The members of a Type 3 club had no prior affiliation and a majority of the recruiting and sign up of the membership is done by solicitation to the public (e.g. newspaper, Internet).  As with a Type 2 club, Type 3 clubs are not usually located at a specific golf course.

So you basically have two options on how to join the IGA:

Option 1 - Join a Golf Club

Inquire at your club.  If they are an IGA Member Club, then sign up for IGA Membership by enrolling on the IGA Handicap Roster (GHIN).  If not, contact the IGA Office and we can offer alternative clubs in your area that offer IGA Membership.

 Option 2 - Start your own Golf Club

If you have the ambition, you can form your own Type 2 or 3 club and your new club can be an IGA Member Club.  Contact the IGA Office and we can help get you started with some advice, a website and we will supply a kit that will lead you through the process.

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