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The Golf Handicap and Information Network® (GHIN) suite of programs and services is an all-inclusive package designed to meet all your clubs handicapping and competition management needs.  The GHIN network currently supports over 2 million golfers at over 12,000 clubs, making it the largest handicap computation service in the world!  All of the software services listed below are provided to all our member clubs as part of their member dues. 

GHIN Handicap Program (GHP) - click for more

The most widely used handicapping software in the world is the cornerstone of the Golf Handicap and Information Network® (GHIN) suite of programs and services.  Developed by the USGA®, the GHIN Handicap Program is fully integrated with the Tournament Pairing Program® and  With reliable communication modules for transmitting records, fully customizable reports and the ability of the program to update electronically, the GHP remains versatile and current.

Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) - click for more

Considered the standard of all tournament management software, the Tournament Pairing Program® (TPP) is the official tournament software of the Iowa Golf Association and the USGA.  TPP integrates seamlessly with the GHP program and supports a wide variety of formats.  With all of the reports and forms TPP can produce, conducting a superior event is as easy as ‘point and click’.  You can even post scores from your events directly to the GHP program, ensuring that all scores from your event are posted for handicap purposes. Want to post results to the web real-time? TPP can do that too! - click for more

Through, authorized club representatives can perform maintenance on their memberships’ GHIN® records, as well as have access to a broad array of information.  Best of all, you can do it any time – any where!  This means there is no need to run out to the club’s GHIN computer to do a few menial tasks.  Simply hop online, make any changes you need, and the computer at the club will pick up the changes the next time it transmits.  This website can be a tremendous time-saver for your club officials.

Handicap Hole Allocation Utility

The IGA provides a computer software program that performs statistical analysis of historical scores for each hole on the course.  The program provides the club with a report detailing how handicap strokes should be allocated.  This provides handicap committees with statistical backing when explaining the method of handicapping the holes at their course. 

 eRevision™ - click for more

Players can receive a report of their handicap revision by email by providing the officials at your club with your email address.  More than just a number, an eRevision™ is a detailed report of all the scores included in the most recent evaluation.  The eRevision™ also includes a representation of the golfer’s handicap card and sticker, index history, golf association news and links to useful web tools.

eGolfer™ - click for more

eGolfer is an online dashboard designed to assist golfers in organizing their golf network through the use of widgets on the website. Thru eGolfer individuals can post scores, keep a photo album, track their stats and much more.


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