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About the Ann Griffel Scholarship

Ann Griffel (R) with 2013 Iowa Golf Hall of Fame inductee Jacque (Fladoos) Peters of Dubuque.

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As compiled by Sally Sharp, Historian 2001

The following was written by Ione Reid in 1981 and edited by Sally Sharp in October of 2001.

Since 1963 scholarships have been given to girls entering college.  The first scholarship was given to Louise Ostreko.  On June 10, 1980 at the Olde Indian Creeke Country Club in Marion, Iowa scholarships were presented to Linda Bettenhausen, Emmetsburg; Diane Thiede, Hampton; Diane Dave, Cedar Rapids; Barb A. Mueler, Orange City and Alicia Eckstein of Boone, Iowa.  The first scholarship in 1963 was for $350.00.  In 1985 the scholarship award was raised to $1000.00.  There is also a letter in the historians records from Mrs. Lyle E. Shultz (Executive Secretary to Mrs. Drew Reid postmarked June 1980 that states that this tournament was designated as IWGA tournament in 1932.  Certificate of Incorporation, September 28, 1965.  This letter listed all the winners of the IWGA Scholarships beginning with 1963 through 1980.  Between 1980 through 1990 the winners of the IWGA scholarship were listed on a separate piece of paper but are not signed by anyone.

In 1972 the requirements of the IWGA Scholarship Award was stated as follows:

The Iowa Women’s Golf Association awards annually a full tuition scholarship to an Iowa high school girl graduating from an Iowa high school and enrolling at Iowa State University, State University of Iowa or University of Northern Iowa.  This scholarship is open to:  1) Girls of excellent character; 2) Girls who meet entrance requirements at the three universities; 3) Girls who are recommended by one or more high school officials; 4) Girls who are recommended by member golf associations of the IWGA; 5) Girls who have participated in at least one golfing event, either the Iowa Junior Girls’ Tournament, the Iowa Women’s Tournament, or one local city, club, or high school golfing event; 6) Girls who complete an application and submit it by April 1 of the graduating year.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered; 7) Golfing skill has no direct bearing on the scholarship award.  Award of Scholarship will be made by the Scholarship Committee of the Iowa Women’s Golf Association.  Send application by April 1st to Mrs. Kenneth Watts, 3102 Terry Dr., S.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403.  Additional application blanks may be obtained from Mrs. Watts.

In 1973 the IWGA awarded two $750.00 scholarships to two Iowa high school girls graduating from an Iowa high school, and enrolling at any accredited state or private college of Iowa.  This is different from the statement made in 1972 of awarding a full tuition scholarship.  Also there is written paper in the historians records that there were three scholarships awarded in 1973.

1980 is the first year that this writer can find of any winners of the scholarship awards, and even though the IWGA book states that they are only awarding two scholarships of $750.00 each the records that were found lists five winners for 1980.
1981 was the first year for six scholarships.

The 1982 IWGA book states that this is the 20th annual scholarship awards and that this year they are awarding several $750.00 scholarships to Iowa high school girls.

1985 was the year that the Scholarship award was changed to the 23rd Ann Griffel IWGA Scholarship Awards and the awards were changed to $1000.00.

1994 was the first year that the winners of the Ann Griffel IWGA Scholarship award were listed in the IWGA book.

At the October 2005 fall board meeting it was decided to change the six annual Ann Griffel scholarships to $1500.00 each, beginning in 2006.




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